Steps In Hooking Up A Single Driving Harness

Riding in the back of your trusty steed and running against the wind, just like the scenes in the old Wild West movies, is a little boy’s dream. Now, here’s another way to ride in a horse aside from horseback, it is by the way of attaching a cart on your steed for you and others to ride on. But first thing’s first, you have to learn how to harness your steed to a cart. In this article, you can read some tips on how you can harness your horse to a cart for you to get on that saddle, relax, and enjoy the ride. When harnessing your horse to a cart, you have to be careful in following the proper steps on how to properly attach it. Do check out if you want to see what a driving harness looks like.

From there, you can guide your horse to which direction you would wish to go. Bear in mind that if the harness is not placed properly, it would surely cause great uneasiness to the horse and would definitely make your ride difficult to handle. First, you strap your trusty steed and fasten a lead. Put on the back strap and crupper into the saddle and mount on your horse.

Then after making sure that the wrap straps are secured tight, reach the crupper on the tail root and then modify it for the size. Provide then the breast collar and ensure that the traces are secured tight around your horse’s back. Let the reins pass through the saddle terrets, having it a bit loose at the ends then have the buckled hand ends looped and reach them over to the back strap. Now, you have to put a lead rope across the horse’s neck then take the halter out and provide the bridle, which in turn fastens the reins. The next thing you do is to attach both the nose band and the throat latch. Move the cart to the horse while lifting the shafts then lower then down with care on each side. Now guide the shafts when going through the loops.

Remember to start on the nearest side first and then the far side later on. You have to make sure that the ends of the shafts are not forward of your horse’s shoulder blade. Secure the traces to the singletree. Make sure that the lengths are equal on both sides and the shaft tips should always be at the back of the shoulders to avoid hitting the horse. Provide your horse’s legs enough space to move while on the go, shaft alignment should be done. Then remove the wrap straps.

Lastly, run the wrap straps inside the trace and then just wrap them over the shaft just ahead of the shaft loop then under it, forming a figure-eight loop at the back of the shaft loop, then buckle it outside the trace. Also do double-checking of all fastenings. Lastly, check it all again to make sure that you haven’t missed any important steps to ensure safety of the ride, the horse, and the cart. After that, get on your cart and enjoy the ride. Do take a sneak peak as to the variety of driving harness available at

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